Melese Miller is a brand photographer who transforms women’s brands with experimental portrait & product photos. And that style really sets her apart from the "saturated market" of brand photographers.

Today she's sharing how you can set yourself apart and attract your dream clients.

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March 20, 2023

163. The Market is Only Saturated if You Look Like Everyone Else with Melese Miller

When you aim to look like everyone else, you get lost in the white noise. What you want to get is a second look from your potential clients or to stop someone's scroll.

Niche down and focus on becoming known for that niche. There is a switching cost that you lose when you are regularly switching your mindset from weddings, to a family setting, to a branding session, to newborns. And network with others constantly. Referring them to your clients and making all the connections.

Infusing your personality into your work, your branding, and your client connections will help you stand out from what everyone else is doing.

Ask your clients questions and find which ways you connect with them, and so you can determine which tools from your tool belt need to be taken out for their job.

Pop culture is such a great way to connect with your audience. Infusing that into your personal brand builds those connections and keeps them coming back because they feel like they're part of the club.

7 Layers Deep - Questions to help find what makes you stand out.

Ask some of your past clients that you've had really great experiences with about what they love, what they were looking for when hiring you, and what resonated with them when they booked.


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