Evie is a destination and elopement photographer, business coach, educator, and podcast host of The Heart and Hustle Podcast with past guest Lindsey Roman (Ep 76), and she’s a serial entrepreneur with her sustainable swimsuit business, Evie Swim, and a few other forms of income too.

Today Evie and I are talking about how you can become a traveling photographer. So break out your notepad because Evie’s got some fire tips for you today.

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May 23, 2022

116. Becoming a Traveling Photographer with Evie McLeod

People won’t book you as a traveling photographer if they don’t see that you are traveling. So to show that you are traveling, you need to travel.

Evie began traveling for free while charging small fees for the session itself in order to build a portfolio that she could use to show that she traveled.

Once you have traveled and photographed in a new location, post those photos everywhere. And not only the photos, but post the behind-the-scenes about your trip, post photos of you in that location. Post about the entire process, not just the end photos.

There is a lot of added stress and pressure when it comes to traveling for photography. You have to block off extra days for travel that will take away from your editing/work load. You have to be willing to put in that extra time that traveling takes from your day-to-day schedule.

Switch everything to show that you are a destination and traveling photographer. Post on your blog about different locations, “best of” lists, and target keywords for what those clients would be searching for.

Attach yourself to your brand as a traveling photographer. Show up in your stories, blog personal life stuff, and show your face in your stories, in your posts, and on your website. That personal brand will attract your ideal clients and cause them to want to work with YOU over someone else.