Ivan Wognin is a midwest-based and traveling wedding photographer located in Fargo, North Dakota with a purpose of helping people be present on wedding days.

Today we're talking about how you can connect with your clients on a deeper level and create an experience beyond the photos.

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January 9, 2023

153. Posing with Purpose with Ivan Wognin

Don't compare your level 2 to someone else's level 20. Keep going and do not give up.

Comparison to others is rarely a 1-to-1 comparison. You don't know the road they are on and the road they've already traveled. We only know what we see online. Compare yourself to your past self, and grow from there.

 When you set goals, don't just write them down, but outline how you're going to make them happen.

You have to change your heart posture and what your purpose is before you can put things into action.

When you prepare for a session before you even pick up your camera, and you know how your clients interact, how they express and feel loved, it'll change the feeling and meaningfulness of the photos you produce for them. 

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